The appeal of Frankie Morello’s Italian-made style combines for the first time with Intreeo’s Italian Digital Life to create a unique and innovative limited edition.

Creativity and excellence, style and personality: these the essential elements characterising the aesthetic of Italian Style, bearer of the values and spirit of Italian goods around the world, and able to bring together distant and apparently irreconcilable worlds.

But for the first time, we can speak of the birth of G-Tech (Glamour Technology). It might seem a play on words, but in reality it marks a real revolution in consumer electronics, in which the great potential of high-tech meets and blends with the most eccentric fine fashion of recent years. Two very Italian companies fully believe in it: Intreeo, a company that offers a perfect combination between high technology and typical Italian aesthetics, and the Frankie Morello fashion label, one of the most well-known and appreciated in the world.

Together, they have given life to a limited edition of technological gadgets that is unique of its kind: “Frankie Morello for Intreeo”. Presented for the first time on day one of Moda Uomo Milanese, “Frankie Morello for Intreeo” is ideal for all those who keep daily tabs on the development of high-tech products, but also for the thousands of fashion victims seeking glamour and elegance in every accessory they carry around, and want to show off as decorative and designer items.


“We wanted to believe in the strength of “Italianness” and of the application of high technology to fashion”, declares Vittorio Miazzo, managing director of Intreeo Italia. “This was a real challenge arising from the desire to blend the values expressed by Italian-made design with the most innovative technology. For this reason, we relied a great deal on our collaboration with the Frankie Morello brand, which shares our values and our spirit, and with which we created the first limited edition that brings together Italian Digital Life and the best of creativity and glamour: a perfect synthesis between design and high technology with the right touch of style”.

One of finest articles in this limited edition are the headphones for listening to music, which were in fashion in the 1980s and have become a trend once more among the young. They are marked by the large and eccentric form of the earphones and the perfect audio quality. Each of them presents the distinctive symbols that have made the maison so well-known, easily recognisable on highly original colour backgrounds. The earphones are available in silver, gold, green, pink and blue, with details in black and silver. Mp4 readers are also among the most highly appreciated techno-glam gadgets. Characterised by ultra-slim formats, the Intreeo accessories represent the best solution possible for listening to music and watching videos anywhere and everywhere. And Frankie Morello has made them unique, with two boldly coloured and unusual designs: Triage, marked by a glossy black background on which stand out chrome hearts, skulls, stars and bones, and Love Animals, an appealing overlay of cartoon animals. Both designs, which enclose the essence of the label, also decorate the 8” digital frames, in which it is possible to play music and videos, and enjoy the best of high-tech without having to give up on the most refined design. Rounding off the “Frankie Morello for Intreeo” range are a series of bags for laptops, notepads, netbooks and e-books of all sizes and formats, to protect these digital jewels in a glamourous and original way.


Arising from the experience of Italian Digital Life and the maison’s passion for research into artistic details, the new “techno-fashion” collection of gadgets perfectly embodies the philosophy of Italian taste, combining the latest technology with the style of the greatest creators of trends. A fresh range of accessories comprising the most widely-sold Intreeo products of recent times, “dressed” for the occasion by the whimsical and unmistakable Frankie Morello label. From the little skulls that have accompanied the history of the maison to the logo with the company’s initials set into a coloured heart: each single detail works towards creating a new image for the technology, which increasingly becomes a real work of art.