From Saturday 19th June to Sunday 27th June, 2010, the Frankie Morello boutique hosted some of the most famous works of art by Robert Bradford, the British artist.

The exhibition marked the second appointment in the broader “Frankie Morello meets art” project, that was greatly wanted by the two designers, Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti, who have always loved contemporary art.

Mixture, heterogeneousness and interaction mark the Frankie Morello style and underlie this series of “artistic” appointments, the aim of which is to create an open dialogue with art and its innumerable expressions.

The collaboration between the artist and the maison Frankie Morello arose from a shared ironic vision of life and the passion the designers have for everything concerning the world of collectible toys.

Robert Bradford creates his works by building a wooden structure of the most varied forms and dimensions, and this is later covered by hundreds of small toys, such as cars, puppets, water pistols.

The artist maintains that every single piece used to cover the work has its own story to “tell” and that it is the union between so many single “pasts” to fill the “empty” soul of wood, giving it its own conceptual consistency.

Robert Bradford was born in London and has always felt he had a strong artistic vein. After graduating from the Ravensbourne College of Art, he gained a master’s in Filmography at the Royal College of Art in London.

At the moment, he has a chair at the San Diego State University in California.

In 2004, he began to create his sculptures of toys, gaining an incredible success internationally.

His works are currently on show in many of the most famous galleries of London (MARK JASON GALLERY), New York (RIPLEYS MUSEUM), and Paris (BY ENVIE D' ART).