Frankie Morello interprets its autumn/winter 2013 collections, projecting them in an infinite, unreal optical space. While the man, turning, places himself in an intimate, cryptic and spiritual space, the woman resides in a larger, martial environment, creating endless formations of imaginary armies.

Point of You takes the viewer to the generative epicentre of these spaces, becoming part of the windows or a decorative element inside the boutique. The vision of one’s own image – transferred, inverted – interacts with videos of the collections and induces a feeling of alienation among the public, typical of a disturbing optical illusion.
Through two interactive multimedia installations occupying the window and interior, Point of You takes viewers into an imaginary world enclosed within magic mirrors where they may lose their way and find themselves, and discover the fleetingness of the interplay between what is real (the person standing in front of the mirror) and what is virtual (the images of the collection).
Viewers look at themselves in the mirrors/threshold, which use an interactive system to reflect the image with a slight delay, creating an alienating feeling. In fact viewers see their image precede them, reflected from the mirrors they haven’t yet reached. The system uses special screens that are both reflective and transparent; through computer vision and a specially-designed capturing and broadcasting process, the screens capture an image and project it onto the mirrored surface.

This project was created in association with Studio = O.